Protective Glasses, Face shield

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Color Black, Burgundy, Gray and Pink! Drawings Stars, Crown, Single Star, Rhinestone, Heart.

Antimicrobial Carpet

  • Sticky Sheets, Available in 10 packs of 30 sheets. It has a leaf counter, decreasing from No30, so that it is obvious how many leaves are left. It is placed at the entrance of a controlled area and disinfects the shoes of the inmates. Medical - Hospital facilities (surgeries, clinics, examination & diagnostic centers, Dental clinics, Food & production industries, Playgrounds, Aesthetics, General - Home use 10 carpets X 30 sheets are given in a package. (total of 300 sheets). Dimension 115 * 46 cm

Cover Shoes, Patient's Isolation Gown

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The shoe covers are made from a thick, industrial-grade material, that won’t rip or tear. The material is waterproof, dust-proof and slip-resistant, yet still flexible enough to let you walk and move normally.

N95, FFP2 & face masks, shields

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We have the following range of Protective masks

  • N-95 or FFP-2 medical masks with or without valve, All the products have CE mark.

  • Surgical Masks, 3ply, CE

  • Face Shields, Protective Gloves

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